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Spiral joints

With a centering ring for compression calibrated for use in flanges type face enhanced, flat face or units of circular flanges.

Metallic joints

It is a package built in a metal cover with soft filling in which the material of the cover leaves a bare part of the soul.

Insulating joints

Assemblies of the insulating pack sets for full face (recommended for flat and made face flange)

Boiler Board

Board designed for man-inlet cover assemblies for boilers. It has a spiral inner ring centered for placement.


Expanded graphite is very resistant, except for concentrated oxidants. It has good thermal conductivity and a low coefficient of friction in the steel.


Flexible graphite sheets, high-performance rubber sheets, are products of choice for extreme chemical service.



We are a Mexican company with more than 40 years’ experience in the manufacture of sealing articles for the industry. Our personnel and machinery is constantly used. We put ourselves at your service to help you with all your requirements. Our trademark “ESPIRALMEX” provides all the necessary technical support

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Special designs

ESPIRALMEX® joints can be manufactured under special designs in practically any pressure-temperature combination.
Thicknesses of 0.0625 “, 0.100”, 0.125 “, 0.175”, 0.250 “and 0.285”.
A drawing of the use of the board must be attached to the required quotation, as well as the information presented in the order form