ESPIRALMEX is a National manufacturer of high performance piping and fluid sealing solutions that emphasizes safety, durability and productivity. We work together with our customers, industry associations and government agencies to understand the unique challenges they face in terms of sealing and respond with innovative solutions that protect people’s safety and, at the same time, increase profitability.
Our solutions provide market leading sealing performance and integrity.
With a history of over 40 years, today ESPIRALMEX continues to enjoy a significant national presence with production and distribution facilities that allow us to meet the needs of our customers with an unprecedented response capacity and ingenuity.
We also operate advanced research, development and testing facilities that continue to advance the sealing industry’s situation to meet the ever-changing demands of our industrial customers.
By combining the most innovative products with unsurpassed service and a firm commitment to the environment, we provide solutions that increase plant productivity, reduce costs and comply with environmental standards, which are increasingly stringent.